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PT. Hebronstar Indonesia

Hebronstar is a global firm aiming to be the NO.1 in Asia
We have alliance networks with 10 Asia countries
More than 100 global professionals are working together
Professionals working at Hebronstar have cutting edged consulting experiences with over 1,000 projects  
Hebronstar Strategy Consultant   Share Your Future If you're looking for an unlimited opportunity to impact clients, Hebronstar is the place to be. You'll work with consulting teams from around the world and get the chance to develop expertise in a wide range of business areas. You'll have the freedom to decide what kinds of business problems intrigue you the most, and you’ll shape your career path accordingly. This freedom, in fact, is integral to Hebronstar’s success: We make a difference because you make a difference. No wonder our consultants say that Hebronstar provides the ultimate growing experience and why we consistently rank as an employer of choice! As the premier strategy consulting firm, Hebronstar focuses on innovation that drives growth, increases profitability, and sets new market-leadership standards for prominent companies around the world.   [Hebronstar Global Vision]   Achieving another record year In 2012, we improved our revenue by 45.3 percent, thereby growing much faster than the consulting industry average.
As of 2013, Hebronstar Strategy Consultants now operates in 7 regional offices across 5 countries consisting of South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia and Philippines and is working in close connection with 10 regional Hebronstar Alliance offices across 7 countries including USA, China, Brazil, Vietnam, India, Peru and Taiwan to deliver exceptional results in cross-border projects.
5 years have passed since our inception in 2009 where we have envisioned becoming Asia's representative consulting firm and throughout our short expedition to date, we have enjoyed bringing forth tailored solutions to various business problems of over 100 clients.
Hebronstar facilitates our clients to strategically plan for their future, pave the way to enter the global market and to build their internal capacity to realize sustainable growth.   How were we able to achieve We are often asked the following questions: How were we able to achieve such rapid growth? Were there any extraordinary mothods employed to bring forth success growth? We believe that our key success factor was our approach in speaking of the truth which cannot be wholly explained through a mere set of methodologies or tools. We creat irreplaceable value through wholeheartedly taking our clients’ problems as our own and such approach are culture at Hebronstar shapes and define our unique competency. We envision becoming Asia’s representative consulting firm. However, we do not wish to rest in comfort zones in Asia but to expand to every corner in the world where business problems exist.   Learn more : www.hebronstar.com   Specialties Aerospace and Defense, Automotive, Chemicals and Process Industries, Consumer Goods and Retail Electronics, Energy and Utilities, Government, Health Care, Industrial, Private Equity, Software, Telecommunications, MICE

International Conference Organizer
IDR 3000000 - 10000000 +Bonus (as a performance)
Jakarta Raya - Jakarta Selatan


  • Check the schedules of event calendar
  • Screening and confirmed suitable company and person for invitation
  • Make arrangements for accomodation, transportation, beneficiary by every confernce


  • Work Experience : Over 1 Years (Relevant MICE experience is preferred)
  • Degree : University Bachelor’s degree or above (Graduate Degree Preferred)
  • Willingness to learn and develop
  • Able to work with different cultural conditions and a strong team player
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
Skills / Licenses   
  • Any licenses or skills related to management strategy consulting can be preferred
  • Korean Language is a plus but not required.
  • Fluent in both English and Indonesian.

" Only short-listed candidates will be invited via e-mail/phone for Test and Interview "

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